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LSU Chamber Singers

The LSU Chamber Singers (MUS 4234)

Conductor: Named for each performance
Rehearsals: 12:00 – 1:30 pm Tues & Thurs in SOM 115

The LSU Chamber Singers, was founded in 1988 by Kenneth Fulton and have given invitational performances for the Louisiana Music Educators’ Association, the American Choral Directors’ Association, the American Musicological Society, and the Society of Composers, Inc. The Chamber Singers have premiered several works by composers such as Jacob Druckman and Bernard Rands for several professional music organizations. The chorus is currently the primary performance chorus for the graduate Choral Conducting program and performs the most varied and lengthy program of choral literature in the School of Music.

The chorus is an auditioned chorus. Membership requires exceptional musicianship and reading ability because of the extensive literature performed, Service awards stipends are available for participation in the chorus. Students interested in performing with the Chamber Singers as well as the service awards should contact the Director of Choral Studies for further information. Membership is offered to all singers from the LSU student population including both music majors and non-majors as well as both undergraduate and graduate students.

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