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Faculty by Area

Faculty A-Z CMDA Administration & Staff

*Area Coordinator
°Division Chair


Kristin Sosnowsky
Interim Dean

Stephen David Beck
Derryl & Helen Haymon Professor of Music, Director of the School of Music, and Associate Dean, CMDA

Joshua Ledet
Administrative Assistant

Allie Prest
Academic Counselor

Laurence Kaptain
Director of Creative Activities – Office of Research & Economic Development

Roy King
Director of Athletic Bands

Dennis Llinás
Associate Director of Bands

John Whitwell
Visiting Professor/Visiting Director of Bands

Linda Saucier
Administrative Coordinator for Department of Bands

Brass and Percussion
Brett Dietz
Associate Professor of Percussion

Steven Menard
Assistant Professor of Trombone

Seth Orgel
Associate Professor of Horn

Brian Shaw
Associate Professor of Trumpet & Jazz Studies

Joseph Skillen
Professor of Tuba/Euphonium

Vance Woolf
Adjunct Instructor – Trumpet

Choral Studies
John Dickson
Director of Choral Studies, Galante Chair in Choral Music Education, Stephanie Landry Barineau Professor *

Keith Dixon
Visiting Assistant Professor / Assistant Director of Choral Activities

Laurence Hebert
Instructor of the Gospel Choir, adjunct

Stephen David Beck
Derryl & Helen Haymon Professor of Music, Director of the School of Music, and Associate Dean, CMDA

Dinos Constantinides
Boyd Professor

Experimental Music & Digital Media
Jesse Allison
Assistant Professor of Experimental Music & Digital Media

Stephen David Beck
Derryl & Helen Haymon Professor of Music, Director of the School of Music, and Associate Dean, CMDA

Edgar Berdahl
Assistant Professor of Experimental Music and Digital Media, CCT

Jazz Studies
William Grimes
E. & D. White Professor of Music
Willis Delony
Aloysia Barineau Professor of Keyboard Studies and Professor of Jazz Studies, Keyboard Division Chair

Dianne Frazer
Professional-in-Residence Collaborative Piano

Jan Grimes
Professional-in-Residence Collaborative Piano

Michael Gurt
Paula G. Manship Distinguished Professor of Piano, Area Coordinator *

Pamela Pike
Associate Professor of Piano Pedagogy

Gregory Sioles
Associate Professor of Piano

Herndon Spillman
Carolyn Botkin Mattax/Herndon Spillman Professor of Organ Studies

Music Education
Sarah Bartolome
Assistant Professor of Music Education

Melissa Brunkan
Assistant Professor of Music Education

James Byo
Carl Prince Matthies Memorial Professor of Music Education °

Jane Cassidy
Alumni Professor Evelyn Orman Professor of Music Education

Evelyn Orman
Professor of Music Education

Music Theory
Inessa Bazayev
Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Robert Peck
Professor of Music Theory *

Jeffrey Perry
Professor of Music Theory

David Smyth
Director of Graduate Studies, The Galante/Deryl & Helen Haymon Professor of Music Theory °

Brett Boutwell
Assistant Professor of Musicology

Andreas Giger
Professor of Musicology * °

Blake Howe
Assistant Professor of Musicology

Alison McFarland
Associate Professor of Musicology

Orchestral Studies
Carlos Riazuelo
Associate Professor/Director of Orchestral Studies
Elias Goldstein
Assistant Professor of Viola

Lin He
Associate Professor of Violin

Eric Liffmann
Adjunct Instructor, Guitar

Espen Lilleslatten
Associate Professor of Violin

Dennis Parker
Professor of Cello

Yung-chiao Wei
Associate Professor of Double Bass

Gabriela Werries
Instructor of Harp, adjunct

Lori Bade
Neil S. & Boyd H. McMullan Professor of Voice

Michael Borowitz
Assistant Professor & Opera Coach

Robert Grayson
Edith Killgore Kirkpatrick Professor of Voice °

Dennis Jesse
Assistant Professor of Voice

Dugg McDonough
Mary Barrett Fruehan Associate Professor & Director of LSU Opera

Sandra Moon
Assistant Professor of Voice

Terry Patrick-Harris
Professional-in-Residence Voice

Loraine Sims
Loraine Sims Associate Professor of Voice *

Darrel Hale
Visiting Assistant Professor of Bassoon

Griffin Campbell
Julian R & Sidney Nicolle Carruth Professor of Saxophone °

Deborah Chodacki
Associate Professor of Clarinet in the School of Music

Johanna Cox
Associate Professor of Oboe

Katherine Kemler
Charles and Mary Barre Alumni Professor of Flute *