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Event Request Form


Description of this Form:

The purpose of this form is to streamline the process of collecting all of the necessary information for making the reservations for large events, and disseminate that information to the appropriate personnel. This form is only to be used for reservations related to events, those being:

  • Concerts
  • Recitals
  • Dress rehearsals
  • Large conferences/festivals

All other room reservation requests should be completed on the Room Reservation Request Form. The information submitted in this form is automatically emailed to the appropriate personnel for processing.

If your event has already been approved and you only need to send information (e.g., program information), please complete the Event Information Form instead.

Timeline Disclaimer:

Event requests must be submitted no later than event request submission deadline for each academic year. You may check the Date and Deadlines List for this information, which is located on the Faculty Resources Page. Requests received after this period may not receive high-demand facilities (e.g., School of Music Recital Hall) or staff support (e.g., marketing, programs, recording services, house management services)!

Check the Calendars:

Before proceeding, visit Events Calendar to make sure that no events are taking place.

Then, visit Room Schedule Calendar to make sure that the desired venue is available during the during the requested time.

Event Information:

Note about Student Recitals:

Student recitals must be scheduled Mr. Bill Kelley. Please contact Mr. Kelley to set up an appointment to plan your student recital.

Venue Information:

Dress Rehearsal/Sound Check and Other Reservations:


Reception/Post-Concert Meeting Information:

Contact Information:

Equipment and Service Needs:

Equipment Move Information:


Program and Marketing Information:

Event Budget and Registration Information:

Additional Information:

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Maximum upload size: 14.68MB

Acknowledgement and Form Submission:

Note about Event Reservation Finalization:

You will be contacted by the appropriate staff member for your event request to make any necessary adjustments to the request and/or to finalize your request.