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Piano Services Request Form

The piano technician on staff is Stephen Houk. In the event of an emergency, call him at 225-578-3808 (answering machine) or 225-405-8287 (cell phone). You will still need to fill out the form below in addition to calling Stephen.

Please describe the nature of the piano problem. Be as detailed as possible.
Tips for Preventing Piano Problems
Basic guidelines for the proper care of our Steinway designed pianos

  • Keep the lid clear and clean at all times. Food, drinks, coats, instrument cases, etc. all cause significant damage and do not belong on the piano.
  • Maintain proper humidity and consistent temperature in this room. Always close the windows (if present) and never put the piano near a heating unit. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Never remove the piano or bench from this room unless directly authorized by school administration. You could hurt yourself as well as cause damage to the piano.
  • Pen and pencil marks can scratch the finish. Never write on paper that is making direct contact with the piano. Certainly, never write on the surface of the piano!
  • Do not take apart the piano in any way.
  • Always keep the key cover up, even when the piano is not in use. This allows air to circulate and helps to prevent sticking keys.
  • Never sit or stand on the lid of the piano.
  • Make sure the piano is tuned regularly.
  • Report any necessary repairs immediately by using the form above.