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Programming Endowment

Thank you for your interest in supporting the LSU School of Music, a unit of the College of Music & Dramatic Arts at Louisiana State University. Please continue to check here for updates on new and current projects as well as information about how you can play an important role in the further development of our students, faculty and programs. With the continued support and generosity of our many alumni and friends, we look forward to the countless possibilities that lie before us!

Investing in LSU School of Music Programming

A significant part of the musical training that occurs within the School of Music centers around the rehearsal and performance of our outstanding ensembles. Gifts to the School of Music in support of Programming help ensure music ensembles continue at the level of excellence now synonymous with the LSU School of Music. The School is seeking endowments in the amount of $1,000,000-$2,000,000 for each major performance area including LSU Opera, LSU Bands, LSU Orchestras and LSU Choirs. A minimum of $10,000 is needed to create a Programming Endowment.

Programming endowments will be used for the general support of the performance area, including, but not limited to:
· Purchase of equipment
· Purchase of music
· Special event funding (student performance tours, large programs or concerts, fundraisers, etc.)

Existing Programming Endowments

· Theory, Music History/Musicology, Music Education

There are currently no funds designated for the direct support of these areas.

· Band Development Fund non-endowed 

The Band Development Fund assists the LSU Department of Bands by providing unrestricted funds for a wide array of purposes including, but not limited to, the purchase of new music, new instruments, and other such items needed in the daily operation of LSU Bands.

· A Cappella Choir Fund non-endowed 

The A Cappella Choir Fund serves as a source of unrestricted funding for the internationally acclaimed LSU A Cappella Choir. Funds are used to assist the choir with the acquisition of new music as well as to provide funding for travel and recordings.
· Dallas Draper Choir Fund non-endowed 
The Dallas Draper Choir Fund was established in 1986 to honor the accomplishments of the former LSU professor of choral studies and founding director of the LSU A Cappella Choir. The fund is used to enhance the choral department by providing funding for scholarships, programs, tours, music rental or purchase, and other activities.
· LSU Gospel Choir Fund non-endowed 
The LSU Gospel Choir Fund was established in 1992. This fund is used for the production of Gospel Choir recordings and the purchase of materials needed by the LSU Gospel Choir including, but not limited to, new music.
· Janice Harvey Pellar Endowment for Choral Studies endowed 
The Janice Harvey Pellar Endowment for Choral Studies was created by LSU School of Music Alumna, Janice Pellar. It is intended to provide a permanent source of funds for the Choral Studies Area in the LSU School of Music. This fund and the LSU Opera Endowment are the School of Music’s first steps towards creating endowments for specific programs.

· LSU Jazz Ensemble Fund non-endowed 
The LSU Jazz Ensemble Support Fund was established in 1985 to support programs, projects, and scholarships for the Jazz Program.

· Lucile J. Blum Library Fund endowed 
The Lucille J. Blum Library Fund was established to aid in funding the purchase, maintenance, and operation of the Lucille Blum Orchestral Library. The library not only serves the LSU Symphony but acts as a lending library to numerous orchestras, professional and collegiate, around the nation.

Blum Orchestral Library Support Fund – non-endowed This fund provides for the purchase of orchestral scores and parts for the maintenance of the Blum Library’s holdings.*

*This fund and the Lucille J. Blum Fund provide support only for the Blum Orchestral Library and are not intended to support the other holdings (choral and band works) in the LSU School of Music.

· LSU Opera Endowment endowed 
The LSU Opera Endowment is intended to provide a permanent source of operational funding for the LSU Opera. The fund is being created through a special fund-raising effort. This fund and The Janice Harvey Pellar Endowment for Choral Studies are the School of Music’s first steps towards creating endowments for specific programs.
· Patrons of LSU Opera Fund non-endowed 
The Patrons of LSU Opera fund currently provides for the immediate operational needs of the LSU Opera. It is funded by annual donations and memberships.

There are currently no funds designated for the direct support of this area.

· Collegium Musicum Fund non-endowed 
The LSU Collegium Musicum fund assists with the School of Music’s early music ensemble LSU Collegium Musicum. The ensemble and fund are dedicated to the study and performance of early music.
· Festival of Contemporary Music Fund non-endowed 
This fund supports the LSU School of Music’s annual Festival of Contemporary Music, the longest-running festival dedicated to contemporary music of its kind. The Festival runs for several days in early spring of each year.
· Music Academy Support Fund non-endowed 
The LSU Music Academy and the corresponding fund that supports it represent the largest K-12 initiative in the School of Music. The Academy provides private music instruction to young persons in and around the Baton Rouge Area.
· Paula Garvey Manship Guest Artist Endowment Fund endowed
Established through a generous gift from Mrs. Paula Manship, the Manship Guest Artist Fund is dedicated to bringing guest performers, lecturers, and clinicians from around the world to the LSU School of Music to work with the students and faculty.

Contact Information

Individuals interested in supporting any of these endowments or in creating new endowments: please contact Karli Henderson at or 225-578-9277.